Racque worked for my elderly father for a period of 22 months. Racque is an excellent caregiver who is very capable and knowledgeable. My sister and I felt very secure when Racque was there taking care of my dad, and we trusted her completely.

Over the two years that Racque was with our family, we all came to love her. Racque is a very special person, and we feel that we lucked out when Janis sent us Racque.

These are some of the things that we love about Racque’s personality: her day-to-day cheerful and happy disposition; her knowing and respecting that sometimes the people she cares for like silence, that sometimes they want their own space even though they are in the position that they NEED to have someone there to care for them; her great respect for the people she cares for. She is just the right mix of bubbly and quiet. My dad loved her and depended on her. She even learned to play a card game that my dad loved so that she could play it with my dad. She was great company for him and became a good friend.

Racque is an extremely hard worker. When the person she is caring for is occupied, she herself is hustling about. She kept my dad’s place immaculate.

My sister and I both feel that it would have been difficult to have found someone as great as Racque to care for my dad.

My father became extremely frail and debilitated the two months before he died. When he was almost completely unable to care for himself, I discovered Racque performing basic personal hygiene tasks with the utmost tenderness. She was always able to do this in such a way that he never lost his dignity. She was always trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

In closing, you would be very fortunate to have Racque care for someone you love.

Mary Ann Palmer