Dora Jackson has been delivering outstanding in-home care for my 89-year-old father for the past year. Dora has provided compassionate care and companionship as my father has transitioned through progressively more debilitating stages of dementia.

Dora has been instrumental in enabling my father to prolong his independence and stay in his own home. She ensured he took his medicines as directed, prepared meals, managed his laundry and encouraged walks and exercise. Also, she has transported him to doctor’s appointments, shopping errands, church, and recreational outings.

As my father’s capabilities have declined, she has also helped to dress, bathe, groom and assist with incontinence. She has taken him to the doctor as necessary and has supported in the management of wound care following surgeries.

She has been extremely reliable and conscientious in her shifts and the quality of her care. My father and our entire family have come to trust her judgment and deeply value her perspective and insights.

Dora is highly professional yet also very approachable. She is both a wonderful person as well as an incredible home health aide. Dora is smart, honest and adept at dealing with the many mood swings that occur with an elderly dementia patient. She constructively redirects him and offers distractions through activities and walks.

We are now transitioning our father to a residential facility. My family and I will always be grateful to Dora for her excellent care. She is the type of advocate you want at your side. We wish her all the best and know that anyone lucky enough to have her on their team is indeed fortunate. We offer our strong endorsement of Dora and highly recommend her. We thank her for her engaged, committed involvement, friendship, and genuinely outstanding capabilities.


Julie Tomasi