Gwen Smith Quinn began working as a caretaker for my elderly father (24-hours a day) on the weekends, but that changed to 12-hour shifts, Monday through Friday, when my father became extremely ill and needed help with even basic personal hygiene.

My father, my sister and I immediately felt comfortable with Gwen. Gwen is a very open, warm, down-to-earth person. My father truly enjoyed Gwen’s company, and he told me many times how smart he thought she was. In spending time with my father, I discovered how intuitive Gwen is, how she anticipated my dad’s needs and wants, and how respectful she was of my father. As my father became more fragile and unable to care for himself, he hated the fact that he was “losing control,” as he put it. It was hard for him to accept the fact that he needed help with the most basic of tasks. Control became an issue for him, but Gwen was able to somehow help my dad in such a way that he was able to accept these changed circumstances with dignity intact. Near the end, I noticed how good Gwen was at cueing my father step-by-step as it became difficult to navigate through the day.

Gwen is extremely hardworking and conscientious. When Gwen started splitting the 24-hour day with another caretaker, she made it a point to stay informed of any day-to-day changes, and she in turn made sure that new information was passed on. She is very experienced, skilled and capable caretaker.

It is heartbreaking to see the decline of your parent or someone you love. You worry endlessly and feel helpless. Having someone like Gwen is a great relief. My sister and I completely trusted Gwen and felt total confidence that our father was getting the best of care. Really, I don’t know what we would have done without her.

When my father was released from the hospital two years ago, we contacted The Caregivers, the first and only caretaking agency we have dealt with. The Caregivers’ CEO, Janis King, was very flexible in working with our family and made sure that we always had a caretaker when one of our regular caretakers was ill or unavailable. She made it a point to visit my father herself, often stopping by to check in.

We were grateful that we found The Caretakers, Janis King, and her excellent caregivers, esp. Gwen and Racque.

Mary Ann Palmer